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    We brand professional athletes.




    Why We Do It

    Because we love sports, we wanted to give it something back for what it has given the world. So we decided to mix our skills and knowledge with our passion.

    We think websites in sports are an undeveloped area. They are not used to their full potential and as they could and should be. We are going to change this. We want to make the sport even more better looking.

    We strongly believe that people who do extraordinary things need extraordinary websites. Athletes are part of this group of people. They all deserve a place where they can give their fans a peek into their life as an athlete. A place to get in touch with fans and share their thoughts or emotions with them. A place to show people who they are and what it needs to get that Olympic Medal.

    How We Do It

    The athlete is our center point. We do everything around him or her. Sportified stimulates the collaboration between us and the athlete. This a key factor for setting up a representative product. We love the athlete to think with us in the process and tell us as much as possible about their sport and everything around it. Besides that we believe that by actually doing the sport our client does, we can bring this energy the best to the website.

    We see every assignment as a training schedule. We try to become better by every product we make. The final product is our personal record, our world record and our medal at the same time. The journey towards this needs full dedication and motivation to succesfully complete it. And ofcourse, a happy athlete is the best cheer-on we can get.

    What We Do

    Sportified makes webletes. A weblete is an athlete who has a website made for him- or herself, the sport, the fans and the sponsors. Interaction between these groups will take place because the “on screen mix” will make them interested in eachother. Interaction will be the key on our websites. The websites we make are not standard. Sportified provides only one of a kind and detailed products. Made with a sports mindset.

    So according to the wishes of the athlete we create a full online brand. An athlete with a brand shows that they are more than just someone who does sports.

    Additional Services

      Responsive Webdesign

      All of our websites are build to function well on every device from a pc, tablet to a smartphone. This is called “responsive design”: One design which automaticly reacts to the device it is shown on and adapts the shape of the website to it.


      Because athletes have a busy life we have a personal lockerroom for each client. This is a password protected place where everything which is important can be found. Within the lockerroom we show our progress, ask feedback and collect all the important data.

      Personal Branding

      Besides making websites Sportified can also deliver a personal brand for the athlete. This means a logo, businesscards, merchandising, etc.

    When you've got something to prove, there's nothing greater than a challenge.
    - Terry  Bradshaw,  Quarterback  with  the  Pittsburgh Steelers

    Get in Touch with Us

    While we are probably working out all day, we do find some time to check our mail and social media when having a time out. If you are an athlete, we love to help you become a weblete!
    Please feel free to contact us and we will reply in a world record time!

    We Are

    We are two students from top north of the Netherlands. We are addicted to sports. And both happen to be gifted with a talent for websites and branding. We always want to win. We strive for perfection in our discipline.



    The Developer 21 Years The Netherlands 188 cm 70 kg Right Handed Career Achievements
    • World Record Holder 100kb Coding
    • European Champion Urling
    • Most Headtricks scored in a season


    The Designer 21 Years The Netherlands 186 cm 76 kg Left Handed Career Achievements
    • Winner of the Tour the Freelance
    • World Record Holder Triartlon
    • Artlete at the Pixelympics

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